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                                                                            Why Romneys?
             I made a decision to start a sheep flock back in 2003...but what breed?  I went on farm tours, watched sheep shows,  read a lot, considered what I had learned at Cornell and then it really ended up  that I thought that Romneys were the most beautiful!
           The American Romney Breeders Association (ARBA) website also had a blurb that the Romney had originated in the Romney Marsh of Southern England ( a piece of my ancestry). They were not susceptible to hoof & feet problems, were dual purpose (wool & meat) and there were many Romney breeders in the  US and abroad; a very good thing ... to have a large gene pool.
                                      After 19 years of breeding Romneys I would say this about my Romneys:
- They ARE beautiful! Elegant & strong....long & balanced, good legs,  beautiful, expressive heads and fleece of many colors.
- They are prolific -Mature ewes average 200lb, twinning is the norm, they are excellent mothers with  vigorous lambs and have been viable to twelve years of age - breeding back every year.
- They are adaptable. They graze, browse, clean up garden produce, integrate readily at new facilities.
- They are intelligent and personable and make good show projects.
- Romney lamb is delicious with excellent carcass weights.
- Romneys are very parasite resistant.



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