Why Romneys?

             I made a decision to start a sheep flock back in 2003...but what breed?  I went on farm tours, watched sheep shows,  read a lot, considered what I had learned at Cornell and then it really ended up  that I thought that Romneys were the most beautiful!

           The American Romney Breeders Association (ARBA) website also had a blurb that the Romney had originated in the Romney Marsh of Southern England ( a piece of my ancestry). They were not susceptible to hoof & feet problems, were dual purpose (wool & meat) and there were many Romney breeders in the  US and abroad; a very good thing ... to have a large gene pool.

                                      After 15 years of breeding Romneys I would say this about my Romneys:

- They ARE beautiful! Elegant & strong....long & balanced, good legs,  beautiful, expressive heads and fleece of many colors.

- They are prolific -Mature ewes average 200lb, twinning is the norm, they are excellent mothers with  vigorous lambs and have been viable to twelve years of age - breeding back every year.

- They are adaptable. They graze, browse, clean up garden produce, integrate readily at new facilities.

- They are intelligent and personable and make good show projects.

- Romney lamb is delicious with excellent carcass weights.

- Romneys are very parasite resistant.

                          Still they ARE sheep..they are flock animals.  Don't stand in their way... they may run over you!

                                                                You just have to learn sheep behavior.

Norma Johnson-Glacy & Jim Glacy

2146 County Route 46

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