The 5th year of the

                                Canal Street Farmers Market

                          in Fort Edward, NY, Thursday afternoons (4-7)

                                       will begin in June!

            While in the past, we've (me & Flicka) have been at every market,               this year may be a little different. I sell organically produced veggies

  from my large farm garden, wool roving & yarns, wool products (blankets,    shawls, throws), socks, sheepskins and usually lamb cuts.


But because of Covid, slaughter times were not available at USDA facilities. Our animals, that are always naturally & humanely raised, were slaughtered at the farm...the least stressful & cleanest procedure possible...but not USDA. I will not have lamb available at the market. I do have cuts available at the farm to private buyers.

Being able to sell many products makes the market profitable but it's a lot of hot work on the 80-90 degrees days...we might cut back a bit this year...

but we'll be there!

Please contact me through Messenger on our Facebook  page

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