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Fairs, Festivals, & Fiber Tours

We have been involved with tours, sheep shows & festivals in the past but with COVID hard decisions had to be made. While we are all vaccinated and functioning as normal as possible but...COVID is climbing again in the area and its threat is still real.


We chose to have an informal "Meet the Lambs" Sunday (instead of the local Fiber Tour). We had one early in March when the first group of lambs were young and easily huggable. We had another the first day of Spring because the demand for "lamb hugging" ... by youngsters of all an important tradition and a great way to welcome Spring.

After getting our first cutting in (earliest ever) the local farmer's market, Canal Street Marketplace in Fort Edward, provides summer long exposure for our small farm. Veggies and wool go well together!


We plan to be at Washington County Fair in Greenwich in late August for a week of exhibiting (and fair food).  Family, kids & friends get seriously involved in showing sheep.  This year there are 10 animals leased!  We've all been working hard to train both lambs and kids and sheep, lambs, rams, kids & wool are counting down the time.

Hope our paths cross somewhere along the way!

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